Caribou Ridge Taxidermy prides itself in providing its customers with a finished trophy you can enjoy for a lifetime.  Only professional tanneries, suppliers, shipping companies etc. will be utilized in the process of handling and completing your finished work.  Due to factors beyond our control, freshness of specimen, field care conditions by the hunter or fisherman, freshness of hides, capes, antlers, horns, fish, birds etc., operations of outside suppliers, tanneries, and ruggers while your hides are outside of the shop---Caribou Ridge Taxidermy assumes no responsibility for the loss/damage, and or overall condition of your specimen. ​

All taxidermy work is accepted at the risk of the owner of the specimens.  Tanning runs roughly an 8% risk of rejection during the tanning process for properly cared for hides and capes.  Hides and capes not properly cared for, run an increased risk of rejection during the tanning process.  The customer acknowledging these terms accepts the risk of having their hides and capes tanned.  Artistic impression (manikin style), changes and availability are at the discretion of Caribou Ridge Taxidermy.

NO REFUNDS:  Prior to work being done, payment in full is required for all tanning including shipping.  Customers will be billed for final payment prior to the completion of their trophy. 

50% DOWN PAYMENT REQUIRED prior to starting all work orders, NO EXCEPTIONS.  A monthly payment plan is available for the remaining 50% of the purchase price of your taxidermy work order up until the completion of your trophy where 100% is required. 

Customers will be notified upon the completion of all taxidermy work orders.  After the completion of work, the customer will receive a phone call, and an email will be sent notifying you that your taxidermy work order has been completed.  A storage fee of $75.00 a month will be added to the final payment for completed work orders not picked up within 30 days of completion.  Completed trophies not picked up within 30 days of completion become the property of Caribou Ridge Taxidermy and will be sold.

Prices for life-size and ½ life-size mounts include the use of an attractive habitat and base if required.  Size, and design depend upon availability and are at the discretion of Caribou Ridge Taxidermy.  If a more intricate habitat scene, rocks, larger bases, special woodwork, the addition of fish, and or birds with the mounted trophy etc. is requested by the customer, a higher price will be added to the work order.  The details and price of the habitat scene for your trophy will be discussed and require written acknowledgment by the customer prior to any work being completed.

Mount price DOES NOT include crating and shipping.  These rates vary depending on size, weight, and the destination locations for the mounts.  Caribou Ridge Taxidermy takes pride constructing all crates with quality supplies and will obtain the best service and lowest shipping price possible when shipping your trophies to you.  I will provide an estimate of crating and shipping charges upon the request of the customer. ​

Caribou Ridge Taxidermy offers a 5% Discount for Active Duty, Guard/Reserve, Retired Military Members, and Veteran Affairs Approved Disabled Veterans.

A shop rate of $50.00 per hour will be assessed to the customer work order for all additional sewing, hide/cape, horn/antler preparation, hides and capes salted in the field prior to turning lips, eyes, ears and nostrils.  Additional time spent handling such specimens in addition to a normal amount of holes and or proper field care, will be determined by the taxidermist.


All taxidermy work that is performed by Caribou Ridge Taxidermy is covered by contract warranty.  Product warranty concerning taxidermy work performed, (exceptions as noted) is unconditional.  Craftsmanship, materials quality, and serviceability performance offers patrons/customers unprecedented guarantees unknown in the taxidermy industry.  The service warranty covers only completed taxidermy work.  Caribou Ridge Taxidermy is not responsible for poorly prepared/cared for hides, capes, horns, antlers, (especially velvet covered/ and or stripped antlers – antlers not professionally freeze dried and may have residual/lingering odors), offered to this establishment for acceptance for the purpose of completed taxidermy work.  Quality performance and professional mounts depend upon the sportsperson and the taxidermist, for the utmost in quality.  Warranty satisfaction is based upon this company’s acknowledgment and patron agreement that it’s product dissatisfaction resulting from craftsmanship/materials breakdown or competitive industrial quality substandard performance.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Competition underpricing or overpricing is an unacceptable condition.